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When winter bites, Golden Eagle Heating, Cooling And Drain Cleaning keeps you warm. Our team has expertise in installing and repairing boilers, furnaces, mini splits, and heat pumps. Let our experience work for you.

Top-Notch Heating Services in Gypsum, CO, Serving Summit and Eagle County

For those residing in Gypsum, CO, Summit, and Eagle County, enduring the chilly months without a dependable heating system isn’t an option. At Golden Eagle Heating, Cooling And Drain Cleaning, we specialize in a range of heating services, including ductless heating installation and maintenance of ductless heating systems. From furnace installation to mini-split repairs, we have the expertise and tools to ensure your space stays toasty. Our seasoned professionals, with over 20 years of hands-on experience, are committed to delivering solutions that fit your unique needs.


Key Offerings in Our Heating Suite

Our range of services is carefully curated to cater to all your heating needs, ensuring you stay comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Heating Installation and Repair: Investing in a robust heating system isn’t just about buying the best unit, but also ensuring it’s installed correctly. Our team not only assists in picking the right unit for your space but also ensures it’s installed for maximum efficiency. Should you encounter any hiccups down the line, our repair services are just a call away.
  • Boilers: The backbone of many heating systems, boilers need to be in top condition to function efficiently. Our team has the expertise to both install new boilers and breathe new life into existing ones, ensuring they serve you well for years.
  • Furnaces: Furnaces are crucial for keeping large spaces warm. Whether you’re looking to install a new one or fix issues with your current system, we’ve got you covered.
  • Mini Splits: Perfect for smaller spaces or homes without ducts, mini splits offer efficient heating without the need for extensive installations. Our team can help you pick the perfect unit, install it, and ensure it runs smoothly.
  • Heat Pumps: A versatile option, heat pumps can both heat and cool spaces. Our seasoned professionals can guide you through the installation process and ensure your unit works flawlessly through every season.

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In Gypsum, CO, Summit, and Eagle County, residents and businesses have consistently chosen Golden Eagle Heating, Cooling And Drain Cleaning for their heating solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve built a reputation for being knowledgeable, responsive, and putting our customers first. Our professionalism shines through in every project, ensuring that every client receives the best in both products and services.

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